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Owner Don Knarr recounts a remediation project for the grandson of an American president.

What Our Customers are Saying

We understand the importance of customer testimonials. Reviews of damage restoration and mold companies are critical to the hiring and trust process. Here are some of our customer reviews on prior work we have completed.

Don Knarr was fantastic! He is a true professional in not only the work he and his crew performed, but how he guided us thru the remediation, air evaluation, and clean up. I would most definitely recommend Don without any reservation.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your organization! Your concern for the customer is over the top and I appreciate that because it's very rare these days!  Thank you!

Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job with our project. Hope did a fantastic job managing the schedule and communicating with the contractors.  Our project was well organized and completed much faster than other major jobs we have had over the years.  The tile guy was first rate.

Your attention to detail and customer service are beyond compare.  You and your team went above and beyond and for that I am truly grateful.

We used Blue Chip Restoration to undertake the dry walling on our basement and were extremely impressed with both the quality of the workmanship and also the level of management on the project. Hope took time to understand our needs and communicated with us regularly throughout, and the end result is absolutely superb. We would have no hesitation recommending Blue Chip Restoration.

Thank you! Jim was a dream to work with - tolerated my indecisions and kept me up to date on the people coming to my house.

Thank you

“Thank you for your outstanding work and service.”

"Hope and Shane - You were a delight to work with. Thank you."  


...This job required constant attention and sensitivity to time constraints, multiple contractors working the same spaces concurrently, legitimate buyer and seller concerns, and a client (me) that was not in tip top emotional condition.I cannot thank everyone enough for their professionalism in listening to my questions and responding so smoothly to all the variable conditions they encountered.   All of this was done during the Christmas holiday time frame, as if there was nothing more important to do than to make this project succeed.   Succeed it did!   

 I had not witnessed such commitment, tenacity and selfless sacrifice until my chance to work with "BlueChip".  So there you go "Bluechippers" all.  My highest and most heartfelt thanks to each and every one for being the best.  I sincerely mean this.

Don is an expert when it comes to mold knowledge, best practices, and remediation. He works hard to do the job right, the first time, and is not afraid to tell you the full problem and potential consequences--no sugar-coating. I would trust Don to do work in my house, and would refer him to anyone that asks.

Don & crew get it done. When life throws you a curveball, you want these guys in your corner! Fire, mold, you name it, these guys will get you taken care of. Thanks.

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