Water can be one of the most destructive elements on earth. Homeowners sometimes delay fixing a water leak, thinking it is really just a nuisance. What homeowners may not realize is that the smallest drip or leak can cause tremendous water damage over time.

If a leak, flood, or rainwater intrusion does occur, call Blue Chip Restoration’s Rapid Response team in Nashville. Blue Chip Restoration is a professional rapid structural drying company that understands the value of removing water and moisture quickly from a property. The faster your property dries, the less damage will occur. Most structures and contents are dried within 3–4 days. Once the building is dry, the actual damage should be assessed and a plan for repair and restoration can begin.

Below are some of the benefits of using our rapid structural drying process.

Benefits of Removing Water Quickly: Save Time and Money

  • Saves property owner and insurance company time and money
  • Healthier, safer and less inconvenient for property occupants
  • Minimizes replacement of costly structural materials
  • Reduces disruption and stress for the property owner
  • Reduces the potential for mold growth by drying the structure quickly
  • Focuses on rapidly drying complete structure, not just carpet and cushion
  • Drying personal items quickly can mitigate water damage and allow you to salvage many goods
  • Rust is minimized when metals dry quickly

DIY Drying After a Flood

Flood water is definitely more destructive than rainwater. Remember to never take on the project of drying a flooded building without a professional. Electricity may still be live even if all the power is out in your area. Flood water is also often contaminated with sewer water and animal excretions. Proper clothing and protection is essential to protect all those involved in the cleanup effort. The health hazards a homeowner faces is not worth the risk.

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