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Blue Chip Restoration is a full-service disaster and restoration company. We specialize in restoring your home or business after a fire, flood, or storm damage. If you have mold, we can handle that, as well. Because we are specialists, we can remove all of the damaged parts of your structure, and leave the rest alone. Plus, unlike other demolition companies, we have developed containment strategies and combine them with HEPA filtration systems to minimize dust and debris.

Flood and Water Damage Demolition

As you know, water damage is not the only thing to worry about when you have a flood. Long after carpets and furniture have dried, black mold may be forming behind drywall and under floorboards. We move in as soon as possible to remove any drywall, cabinets or floorboards that might hide the beginning of mold. Using today’s most technologically advanced equipment to gauge levels of moisture, we remove only what is absolutely necessary. We then treat the affected area to insure your family does not suffer lingering health problems.

Service Leaders in Demolition Work

At Blue Chip Restoration, we provide demolition services ranging from precision removals of building components to a complete strip-out of the entire building. We work with integrity, responding quickly in your time of need and emergency situations and assure timely and orderly demolition and project clean up.

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