If you ever experience a fire in the Nashville area, you can rely on Blue Chip Restoration to help you get your life back to normal, or your business up and running again. We provide 24/7 response fire and smoke damage repair services for owners of residential and commercial properties who have had a fire and need fast and effective restoration service.

Our first step is to test clean building materials and contents to give you an understanding of what can be restored. Beginning decontamination quickly minimizes the impact of the fire and smoke damage. When possible we recommend installing containment barriers as soon as physically possible to reduce cross-contamination.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Emergency Response
Quick removal and cleaning of soot, ashes, smoke odor and debris

If fire and smoke damage is responded to quickly, it’s possible to rescue items of a sentimental or high value that would otherwise be beyond recovery. Our Middle Tennessee clients are often particularly grateful to have the things most important to them saved by the prompt response of our company. There may be certain items that may not be able to be restored or it is more cost-effective to replace the item and we can help you determine what those items are. Our company keeps you informed as we clean and restore your property and provide solutions that meet the challenges of the specific smoke, soot, odor or fire damage issues.

When needed, we adhere to strict quality processes to ensure that the surfaces of buildings and contents are free of contaminant residues. As part of our clearance testing we provide pH testing and chloride testing. In most cases, we use advanced steam cleaning technology, which means that, where possible, we will reduce the necessity of using chemicals for any smoke and fire damage projects we undertake.

Fire Damage Cleaning
Soot, smoke odor removal, ozone treatment, more

Below is a list of our fire and smoke removal services:

  • Roof board-up and/or tarp
  • Building/structure/floor cleaning
  • Contents/personal property pack-out, inventory and cleaning
  • Structure soot/smoke removal and cleaning
  • Duct soot/smoke removal and cleaning
  • Ozone treatment for smoke/odor removal

Our remediation services are vast and include wind damage repair, mold removal, and more.

Fire damage mitigation

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